Design, Supply, Installation, and Maintenance of Sound and Film Projection Equipment

Technology is essential to every day life and for business life, as it has accelerated and optimized the work of many businesses and not only. Since it is very important, we should stay away from accidents and disappointments ensuring our appropriate technological equipment.

One of the most important things that businesses and individuals have at home, in offices, or in industrial sheds are their technological equipments. It is important to take care of them and protect them, and take the appropriate precautions through an ad hoc policy. Technology, especially for businesses, is important because it guarantees they are competitive and up to date.

Generali (as well as other insurance companies, although not all) provides insurance to get businesses free from many risks that can affect their technological equipment. There are four insurance policies that protect businesses for specific technological risks: automation, electronics, network, and computer coverage.

Automation Coverage is used to protect against damaging events that affect industrial automation systems. This policy therefore covers against mechanical, electrical and electronic failures through all-risks safeguards. It is designed to be modular so that each company can define its own contract.

Electronic Coverage will protect from damaging events that affect electronic equipment such as PCs, fax machines, copiers, modems, UPS, printers, plotters, burners, scanners, and electronic office equipment in general. It is a kind of Kasko for companies and compensates direct physical damage, but it is also a warranty for use license programs.

Network connections are made safe with Network Protection, which acts in case of losses of confidentiality, integrity, availability and data INPUTEnable.

Computer Coverage will cover the damaging events that affect computer systems and thus will protect PCs, graphic stations, client servers, mainframes, and every IT risk that a business can run, including computer crime intended as misuse of a device processing power.

Just check the above information with your local trusted insurance company.


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